2024 Chicago Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt 2024 Workshop
“Speciation Modeling with GWB Community”
Chicago, Illinois USA • 17 August 2024

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Please join us in Chicago, America's Second City and all-time fun destination, for an in-person, hands-on workshop where you will learn to use the free GWB Community Edition software package as a powerful tool for modeling speciation in aqueous geochemical systems.

Then stay on in the Windy City to take part in all the premier conference for geochemists worldwide, 2024 Chicago Goldschmidt, has to offer.

What you will learn. Following a fully hands-on format, you will learn to compute quantitative models of speciation in natural waters. Specific topics covered include:

  • Construction of Pourbaix diagrams
  • Distribution of aqueous species in natural waters
  • “Pitzer equations” for modeling activity relations in brines
  • Accounting for redox disequilibrium
  • Effect of surface complexation

The topics will be illustrated through a series of case studies.

More information? Contact workshop support. Can't come? Consider taking part in one of our 2024 virtual retreats.

I loved the [geochemical modeling] workshop! In the future I would really like to take the reactive transport course.

– Ryan Davis, Colorado State University

I have been modeling with GWB for several years now but I always learn something new at the workshops.

– Johan Fourie, Geostratum Groundwater & Geochemistry Consulting

Thank you very much for the workshop. It was intense but very, very clear and useful.

– Samantha Y., Stanford University


The workshop will be moderated by Craig Bethke and presented by veteran instructors Brian Farrell and Jia Wang. Prof. Bethke is the R.E. Grim Professor emeritus at the University of Illinois. He is the primary author of The Geochemist's Workbench® software package and author of the Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling text, published by Cambridge University Press.

Craig Bethke
Craig Bethke

Craig Bethke has been cited many times for excellence in teaching. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and recipient of a number of prizes in hydrogeology and geoscience, including the O.E. Meinzer Award and M.K. Hubbert Award.

Brian Farrell is the lead Geochemist at Aqueous Solutions LLC, makers of The Geochemist's Workbench®. Mr. Farrell is expert in aquifer microbiology, geochemical modeling, and reactive transport in geochemical systems. He has taught short courses in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

Brian Farrell
Brian Farrell
Jia Wang Jia Wang
Jia Wang is an aqueous and isotope geochemist and a reactive transport modeler with special expertise in weathering and the critical zone. She has many years of experience as an instructor at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and as a noted mentor to less experienced students at the secondary through graduate levels.


Workshop locations will be assigned by the Goldschmidt Conference in early 2024; please watch this space for details. Plan to arrive on time Saturday so that we may start at 8:30 am sharp. The workshop runs Saturday until about 3:00 pm that day, with time at the end for questions and conferring with the instructors.


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Space is limited, so sign up early by visiting the Goldschmidt 2024 website. The Conference opens registration on January 10 and closes booking for all workshops on June 28; you will not be able to register past this date.

Workshop registration includes all course materials, coffee breaks, and lunch. We will ask you to bring to the course a laptop running Windows, with the free GWB Community Edition installed and activated.

Fees paid through the Goldschmidt are subject to Conference cancellation policies. Liability in the event of workshop cancellation or other eventuality is limited to refund of the registration fee.


The Goldschmidt Conference maintains a list of discounted accommodations available to workshop participants. Please visit their accommodation page for current information.

Hosts and sponsors

The workshop is being held thanks to the generous efforts of our hosts and sponsors:

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