GWB documentation set

You can download from the table below pdf copies of the User's Guides for GWB Release 2023. The GWB Essentials Guide, GWB Command Reference, and GWB Reference Manual pertain to GWB Community Edition, whereas the other three guides pertain to paid versions of the software.

GBRM text
GWB Essentials Guide GWB 2023
GWB Reaction Modeling Guide GWB 2023
GWB Reactive Transport Modeling Guide GWB 2023
GWB Command Reference GWB 2023
GWB Reference Manual GWB 2023
ChemPlugin User's Guide GWB 2023

Reaction modeling text

Got wine, beer, canned beans, and a copy of Bethke's Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling.

–Facebook post by Aviv B., waiting for Hurricane Sandy
GBRM text

The third edition of the textbook Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling, published by Cambridge University Press, contains a complete description of the theoretical basis of the GWB calculations as well as a large number of fully worked examples.

The GBRM text is available in paperback and eBook editions directly from Cambridge. See also a number of book reviews of the second and first editions.

Online resources

Check out the GWB's online resources:

Our installation page will get you set up in a jiffy. Stuck? Visit our troubleshooting page.

Visual tutorials show you how to use the codes to solve a range of problems in geochemistry.

Our FAQ page has answers to the most commonly asked questions.

You can post queries to the GWB support team, interact with the user community, and browse hundreds of discussion threads on our online forum.

Browse our galleries of diagrams produced with the GWB. Click icons on these pages to launch GWB apps pre-configured for the calculation shown.

Do more
You can do even more with a paid version of the GWB. Check out the diagrams, movies, and tutorials on our main GWB website.

Cover art

If you would like to have a copy shop print and bind the User's Guides above, you can have them make covers using these Adobe Illustrator-compatible pdf files. Open the files in AI to see crop marks and printer's bleeds. The covers are set up for coil binding.

Essentials front cover
GWB 2023

Reaction Modeling front cover
GWB 2023

Reactive Transport front cover
GWB 2023

Reference Manual front cover
GWB 2023

Reference Manual front cover
GWB 2023

Users Guide
ChemPlugin User's Guide front cover
GWB 2023

GWB 2023 back cover
GWB 2023