Drag and drop

You can left-drag input files into any of the GWB programs. Left-drag data from Excel spreadsheets or tables in MS Word and PowerPoint into GSS datasheets. And you can right-drag (hold down the right mouse button) data among the GWB programs.

Input files
Drag and drop files

Drag files from your Desktop or Windows Explorer into any of the GWB programs. You can left-drag

  • Input scripts and files,
  • Thermo and surface reaction datasets,
  • Conductivity, isotope fractionation, and water standards data,
  • Plot configuration files, and
  • Scatter data and reaction traces

You can also highlight scripts in the pdf versions of the GWB User's Guides and left-drag them into the GWB modeling programs.

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Drag and drop samples

You can right-drag samples

  • From GSS to Basis, Initial, Fluids panes,
  • From one GSS data sheet to another,
  • Basis, Initial, Fluids panes into GSS,
  • In X1t and X2t, within the Fluids pane,
  • GSS data into Excel


  • To rearrange samples or analytes in GSS,
  • Samples from Excel into GSS, and
  • Samples from Excel to Basis, Initial, Fluids panes

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Panes and dialogs
Drag and drop panes

Detach panes by left-dragging them to the desktop.

Right-drag panes to transfer data. You can drag panes

  • From one instance of React, e.g., to another,
  • For calculation results into GSS

You can right-drag one dialog box into another.

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Thermo data entries
Drag and drop entries

Left-drag data tables, elements, species, reactions, log Ks, solid solutions, and virial coefficients from one thermo or surface dataset open in TEdit to another:

When transferring data, TEdit will

  • Preserve log Ks when the principal temperatures match
  • Convert polynomial expansions to T-tables, as necessary
  • Alert you when additional data is required
  • Prevent transfer between incompatible datasets

When editing a database, simply left-drag to reposition entries

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