Fluid mixing

You can quickly mix samples stored in a GSS spreadsheet, or upgrade to simulate fluid mixing processes.

Mix samples in GSS
GSS SmartMix

Import your analyses from Excel to GSS, the Geochemist's spreadhsheet. With Smart Mix you can

  • Mix samples in any volume or mass ratio,
  • Automatically calculate analytes in your spreadsheet, including concentrations, T, pH, Eh, activities, fugacities, saturations, and more, and
  • Scale extent (final mass or volume) of mixture

You can drag samples or calculation results

  • Between Excel, GSS, and the other GWB apps

GWB's robust plotting apps are fully integrated with your spreadsheets. Create cross plots, time series, Stiff, Piper, or other diagrams to view your mixing results instantly.

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Need to simulate mixing processes?

Upgrade to GWB Standard for polythermal mixing, titration and dilution, and flash diagrams. GWB Professional accounts for dispersive mixing in heterogeneous groundwater systems, as well as the effects of injection and production wells.